Welcome to Titan’s-CCTV-Observatory,

The intention of this website is to familiarize you with the use of the webcam, ccd, cmos and digital camera for astrophotography. Even with the newest mobile-phones you can make great astro pictures.

This website is instructive and innovative for the beginner, advanced and professional astrophotographer.



Over the past few years the technology of the ccd and cmos chip makes a giant leap forward in sensetivity and speed. Less noise and more images per second means higher resolution and detailed results in the astrophotography.


Even the internet possibilities with html5 have made a leap forward and we are no longer use our computer only to surf the net but use our tablets and mobile phones. Differend screen resolutions, landscape or portret are the reason that I decided to rebuild my website completely in Word-Press. It is more responsive now what means that I kan help my visitors better and can make faster any changes, also with my mobile phone.



Enjoy your stay on this website, there is a lot to discover and to learn

but most important, it’s fun.