On this page you will see the images I made width my older equipment then the Meade LX200 that I use now. I deside that I still want to publish them now because I want you to show my learning curve from the start. This page shows not the best images I made but the higher quality images you can find in the Gallery.


I started my learning curve with my Creterion Dynamax 8inch SCT, ToYoucam Pro and Sony-W1


This webcam and the Vesta Pro where the first webcams that are succesfully used for astrophotography. At this time the webcams are higher in quality and have more frames per second.


This digital camera has been well proven over the years to be a allrouder and ideal for astrophotography. The camera has a Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar, 2.8-5.2 / lens 7.9 to 23.7. The conversion lenses x 0.5 – 2.6 x 2x have a similar (24x36mm) range from 19mm to 602mm. The camera is very sensitive to the color of stars. For normal photography, the camera was strong in macro-photography


I have this telescope since 1979. I retrofitted this scope on a CGE-mount and on the side you see a modification in alignment to the original focus of 400mm/F1.95 use.


















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Deepsky images with the Sony-W1


Moon images with Dynamax 8inch SCT and ToYoucam Pro webcam


Planet images with Dynamax 8inch SCT and ToYoucam Pro webcam


My best planet images with Dynamax 8inch SCT and ToYoucam Pro webcam (click to see bigger picture)


Saturn with small moons

















Edge of crater Theophilus, Dynamax 8inch SCT – ToUcam pro


Interested in the modern higher quality webcams ?? Look here….