Here you see my Roll-Off Observatory, I have chosen for a Roll-Off roof because it makes it possible to follow satellites and fast moving objects with the telescope. It is a modern observatory with a Internet connection. Titans-cctv-observatory is an amateur observatory that will use the newest technology for astronomical purposes. Around the observatory is a large paved terrace where star parties can be held.

Titan’s-cctv-Observatory is Specialised in in researching the moons of the planets. Modern techniques make this possible for amateur astronomers even with modest equipment. Also, specific regions of galaxies, nebulas and planetary nebulae will be studied and search for new comets and asteroids. The new technology makes it possible to penetrated deeper into the secrets of the cosmos, deeper than amateur astronomers think would be possible.



Construction of my Roll-Off roof Observatory

(One man’s building project)

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I hope that you are inspired to build your own Roll-Off-Roof observatory


Some books I can recomment you to read;