About Me



ype-pasadenaMy name is Ype de Lang, I live in Heerhugowaard the Netherlands. I’m an autodidact and my strength is to combine information from different sources to a whole new level.


aboutme01I have been interested in astronomy since my early childhood (at age 12 in 1970). My parents bought me my first telescope from an army Thrift-Store for my birthday. Little as it was, magnified 40x I rebuild it to 120x by changing the order of the build in lenses of the standard eyepiece. My dad and I purchased material to built a tripod and this was the beginning of my career in astronomy.



aboutme02As a child I never went to sleep immediately when my mother took me to bed. late at night, I opened my bedroom window to look at the stars and listen with my opened shortwave radio to te beep and blip sounds from the cosmos. I even build my own radiotelescope dish and connected this to the shortwave radio to hear where this bleeps came from.

When I was older I got a 60mm refractor from my sister and took the microscope from my brother because he did not use it, to do research.


aboutme03Years later I got a 4 1/2 inch newton from my parents, again on my birthday.



The cosmos has always fascinated me, especially when I discovered that both the macro-cosmos as the micro-cosmos apply the same laws of physics.




I also built a 6 inch newton for my friend and we organized starparty’s for the neighbors.



dynamax01In 1976 I purchased my first big telescope, an 8 inch Dynamax SCT from Criterion and made years later my first CCD images with this scope.

LX200-00At this time my main telescope is a 10 inch MEADE SCT and started to built my own roll-off-roof observatory a few years ago. I built it all by myself with no help whatsoever because I wanted that.




And now….., I can controle all this equipment remotely through (iTelescope.net) in four country’s (California, New Mexico, Spain and Australia).





Do you also want to learn the Art of Self-Education ? Than I can advise to read these books;