Mysteries Revealed


Titan the moon of Saturn. Made by a groundbased Dynamax 8inch SCT telescope and the VLCEARE postprocessing technic.

They said it couldn’t be done, but the technology has changed the rules of the game with ground based telescopes and VLCEARE Imageprocessing, VLCE (Very Low Contrast Enhancement) & ARE (Adaptive Resolution Enhancement)

On this webpage you can find photo editing technics far beyond the borders of the impossible (Astrophotography beyond the limits). The resolution achieved is thousands of times higher than the resolution of the used optics and CCD chip.

How these results are possible is not completely clear, what I do know is that a higher dynamic range is made between small nuances (example-1, VLCE-1, VLCE-2). In the selected area is the highest and lowest light measured. These measured values are spread over a 100% scale. This causes greater differences between the measured light values. Many critics say that this are artifacts but I don’t agree with this explanation, I thought (1-nov-2002), maybe the CASSINI-HUYGENS can proof it when it reaches Titan and the first images are made, and it did.

Of course, this technique and the results cause intense debate but I find it worthwhile and it’s my right to investigate this and publish the results and discoveries on this webpage.¬†You can find more results on the webpage “Discover the mysteries“.


This is my 8 inch/F10 Dynamax Schmidt-cassegrain (SCT) telescope. I have this telescope since 1979. I retrofitted this scope on a CGE-mount and on the side you see a modification in alignment to the original focus of 400mm/F1.95 use.